OpenFaaS presents to CNCF Serverless workgroup

On the 24th of August I had the chance to present and demo OpenFaaS to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation's Serverless workgroup. This was a great time to reflect on what had been achieved since the first commit, show OpenFaaS in action and to talk about what was coming next.

OpenFaaS is an open-source framework for building Serverless functions on Docker or Kubernetes. You can read my introduction to OpenFaaS here.

OpenFaaS comes in one flavor - Cloud Native.

We also have some great SWAG on the way and have started to explore the OpenFaaS brand. Read on for a quick summary, the video recording and some ideas on how you can get involved.

What's in a name?

Once we found consensus in the community around the name OpenFaaS I went ahead and checked GitHub, Twitter and domain availability. Not everything we wanted was available.

So we started to ask around and then had some blog posts get up to #1 on Hacker News along with trending as the most popular Golang project on GitHub for several days and the most popular project overall for around a day.

No long after a few people came forward and kindly offered up what we were looking for.

Official accounts:

Thanks to Mark Peek from VMWare who also transferred and over to me.

CNCF Landscape

The CNCF landscape identifies key and important projects in the cloud native space. There's an open issue to have OpenFaaS placed in the event-based compute space.

The project's name started out as FaaS, so we're looking at where it makes sense to use the new branding of OpenFaaS in this issue.


You can order a set of 10 sample stickers for $8 / £5 including shipping from StickerMule. Here's a proof of what one of them will look like:

Thanks to Packet Host for funding the logo and website designs

You can download the media pack including the new logo right here:

If you would like to get a sticker in person you can catch me at the following events:

  • Cloud Native Meetup - London (September)
  • LinuxCon - North America (September)
  • JeffConf - Milan (September)
  • Dockercon EU - Copenhagen (October)


This is the demo and introduction I gave to the CNCF Serverless workgroup - it's an action packaged 10 minutes covering everything the project has achieved so far, some practical demos and then what we see as coming next.

You can also grab the slides on

What are people saying?

What now?

  • Checkout the project and Star the GitHub repo - help us hit 10k by the end of 2017!

  • Contribute to the project in whatever way you can - test it out (60 seconds to deploy), offer suggestions, answer questions, add features or pick up open issues.

  • Join us on Slack - just email and I'll send you an invite.

  • Print some stickers out! Head over to our media pack and get yourself a set of StickerMule samples for around $8 / £5.

Alex Ellis

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