Visiting Pimoroni

Tomorrow (Fri 27th May) I'll be paying a visit to Pimoroni in Sheffield: a hotspot of innovation and enthusiasm for all things Raspberry PI. Pimoroni make their own products in the UK and are also a leading distributor of Adafruit, Sparkfun and other Maker-business products.

Pimoroni Logo

My interest in Pimoroni started at CamJam where I bought scroll-phat add-on screen from Paul and went on to contribute to the Python library on Github by working with Phil (their developer). Last month I had an article published in Linux User and Developer Magazine featuring the scroll-phat and have another one coming soon for the pHAT DAC. If you like making and hacking I'd recommend taking a look at the tutorial in the magazine.

Missed an issue? Linux User & Developer back issues

Here's a quick demo of a Raspberry PI Stock counter with the scroll-phat.

When the team invited me up to see them I jumped at the chance. I'll be on the BilgeTank - their live YouTube TV show at 15:00 GMT. I'm looking forward to meeting everybody and joining in with the antics on BilgeTank.

Bilge Tank

Episode 039 - Clusters, Docker, Brambles & Raspberry Pi Supercomputers!

Bilge Tank 039 - Clusters, Docker, Brambles & Raspberry Pi Supercomputers!

IoT Cluster Demo

Last week I built an IoT (Internet of Things) cluster with four Raspberry PI Zeros and Docker Swarm. I'll be taking it along with me to demo. Click-through to the video for an explanation of how it works:

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You can contact me during the Live Chat or later on in the blog's comments through Disqus or on Twitter @alexellisuk.

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