Ghost blog on Docker in 5 mins

Pair Docker and Ghost for the perfect platform to run your blog! Read on, to get up and running in 5 minutes.

Ghost blogging platform

Ghost is an elegant and minimal blogging platform that focus on simplicity. One of its most attractive features is its Markdown editor. It's also fully hackable running on Node.js with the Handlebars view-engine.

Update: After reading, check out the updated blog post on how to us Docker Volumes to keep upgrading and backing up your blog - hassle free. Keep Shipping your blog with Docker Volumes

Raspberry PI

I host on the Raspberry PI Model 2 pictured above. It has been plugged into my home Internet connection 24/7 for the last 12 months (Sep 15-Sep 16) drawing around 1-2W of energy. It has served up over 82.6K page views (as recorded by Google analytics) to people from all-over the world.

I've put together three Dockerfiles for Raspberry PI 2/3, PI B/B+/Zero and regular PCs (x86_64). Get your blog up and running in 5 minutes by pulling a pre-built Docker image straight from the Docker Hub.

ISP/bandwidth problems?

Don't worry, I've also provided x86_64 Dockerfiles and images which can be used with a cloud provider.

Benchmarks & Dockerfiles

Star or fork on Github alexellis/ghost-on-docker for benchmarks on a cloud instance and Raspberry Pi compared.

See also:

Enable quick upgrades and constant backups with Docker Volumes which exist outside of the container lifecycle.

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