OpenFaaS @ SF / Dockercon round-up

Here are some of the top tweets about Serverless and OpenFaaS from Day 1 at Dockercon hosted in San Francisco. Docker Inc's CEO Steve Singh opened the event and event mentioned both the Raspberry Pi and Serverless community too.

Holberton School fireside chat

After having met some students back in April at DevNet Create I started mentoring one of them and keeping in touch with the others. It was great to hear that some students won tickets to Dockercon in a Hackathon using OpenFaaS as part of their winning entry.

During the fireside chat the students I'd met in May interviewed me about my background in Computer Science, my new role leading Open Source in the community and for tips on public speaking.

For more on Holberton School and its mission read here:

OpenFaaS + GitOps

The night before the event I spoke with Stefan Prodan at the Weaveworks User Group about GitOps with Functions. When you combine GitOps and Serverless Functions you get something that looks a lot like OpenFaaS Cloud which we open-sourced in November last year.

I gave a demo with my mobile phone and OpenFaaS Cloud, we categorized two different images of a hotdog to show Silicon Valley's "Hotdog, not hotdog" episode. Thanks to John Mccabe for working on this demo.

When I was speaking to a Director of Platform Engineering at a large forward-thinking bank I was told that in their perspective infrastructure is cheap compared to engineering salaries. With OpenFaaS Cloud and GitOps we make it even easier for the developer and operations team to build and deploy serverless functions at scale on any cloud.

Contribute and Collaborate Track

Here are some highlights from the Contribute and Collaborate Track where I gave a talk on The State of OpenFaaS.

Here I am with Idit Levine from and Stefan Prodan from Weaveworks who is also a core contributor to OpenFaaS.

The global group of contributors and influencers is growing and I think it's important to state that OpenFaaS is built by community for the Open Source Community - that means, for you.

That sums up the highlights, and there's much more on Twitter if you don't want to miss out.

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