Docker Comes to Peterborough

Tonight I'll be speaking about Docker at Digital People in Peterborough group. As a Docker Captain it's a privilege to come and speak with the local community. I hope you'll have your questions ready and for anything else read on!

Here's what Docker is saying about Docker Captains

Captains are Docker ambassadors (not Docker employees) and their genuine love of all things Docker has a huge impact on the community. That can be blogging, writing books, speaking, running workshops, creating tutorials and classes, offering support in forums, or organizing and contributing to local events.

You can even follow us all on Twitter by using a Docker image.

Where can I get the slides?

The full deck is available on

The link is here:

Where can I sign up for the workshop?

Follow this link to register interest for the Docker Workshop. It will be held in Peterborough and will have limited availability.

What other events are coming up?

I'm taking my Dockercon talk to the road starting in London on Friday. Here's a summary

Docker and Raspberry Pi are the perfect combination for protecting the data center against thermal overload and tampering. Learn how I used off-the-shelf hardware to create a scaleable solution with help from Pimoroni and Docker Swarm.

Can I get in touch?

Absolutely, send me a Tweet @alexellisuk

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