Quick Start Docker/Swarm on PI Zero


With the release of the 5 dollar PI Zero computer, there has never been a better time to start building a Docker Swarm. Whether you want to try distributed computing or just build something awesome with your PI Zeros.

My 3xPI Zero Swarm with a Pimoroni scroll-phat querying the Docker RESTful API for a count of Swarm members

In this quick-start guide we will configure Arch Linux ARM, install Docker and then use a laptop or another PC to create a swarm which all our PI Zeros can join. There are several ways of doing this, but we'll keep things simple and give you the opportunity to take it further later on. I've provided some sample images for Node.js, Redis, Ruby and Python so once you're up and running it's over to you to create something awesome.

What we cover

  • Install & configure Arch Linux ARM
  • Install Docker
  • Configure a Swarm
  • Start the Swarm

What you will need

  • Raspberry PI Zero, at least two
  • At least one Ethernet adapter
  • A computer or Raspberry PI running Linux

Go to Github now to follow the tutorial and Star the repository to show your support.

Docker Swarm on PI Zero

The latest version of my PI Zero Swarm with 4 CPUs


For questions and feedback, post in the Disqus comments box at the bottom of the page. A Star on the Github repository is a great way to show your support.

Alex Ellis

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