Docker and IoT at Agile Peterborough

I'll be sharing my story about how and why I built an IoT sensor network to monitor a datacenter for Dockercon 2016. You'll hear how Docker Swarm, the Raspberry Pi and Pimoroni's hardware made that possible.

Are you in town?

Come along to the free event and sign up on the meet-up page below, otherwise check back for the recording from Container.Camp and slides later.


Here are a few shots from Container.Camp in London's Piccadilly Circus earlier in the month and the source code, too:


Follow-up workshops

I'm working with Digital People in Peterborough to schedule a follow-up workshop to learn the basics of Docker as a runtime and ecosystem.

This will be run at the Future Business Centre in Peterborough and the spaces will be limited - please register your interest below:

If you're already working with Docker in production and would like to support or sponsor the event then click the checkboxes when registering.

Need a Docker intro?

I spoke earlier in the month at DPIP and you can find my deck below:

Can I get in touch?

Absolutely, send me a Tweet @alexellisuk

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