Serverless at the Docker Cambridge meet-up

Last night I attended my first Docker Cambridge meet-up as part of an evening on Serverless Functions Made Simple with OpenFaaS.

OpenFaaS is the only Serverless Functions project which has native support for both Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

On the agenda was my introductory talk on Serverless Functions Made Simple and a talk from Nic Jackson, Developer Advocate at Hashicorp on Nomad + OpenFaaS. Nic told of how we met at Cloud Native London a few months ago which inspired him to bring OpenFaaS to Hashicorp's enterprise customers

Checkout Nic's book on Microservices with Go.

The meet-up was held at a trendy cocktail bar called Baroosh just a few minutes' walk away from Jesus Lane in the centre of the city. We saw around 45 people turn up - eager to find out how they could start using Serverless Functions with their existing Docker deployments.

If you live near Cambridge or are in the area then sign-up for the meet-up (run by Will Hall) -

You can take the train to Cambridge but I drove and found good, cheap parking at Park Street.

Docker Inc has an office in Cambridge, so a bonus of attending this meet-up is bumping into some of the engineers behind Docker for Mac and LinuxKit.

Grab my slides

Grab Nic's slides on OpenFaaS Serverless Functions on Nomad.

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If you'd like to join the OpenFaaS slack community then send a quick intro over to Alternatively you can Star the GitHub repo for OpenFaaS here

You can test out OpenFaaS with Kubernetes on your laptop with minikube or with Docker Swarm in 60 seconds.

Try OpenFaaS with Docker Swarm:

Follow the official Kubernetes tutorial with minikube:

You can find out about OpenFaaS on Nomad here: